If you’ve suffered injuries in an auto accident, you have the right to seek compensation for medical expenses and any pain and suffering caused. But do you need a personal injury lawyer experienced with car accident claims to help you in your case?

There is no state requirement for victims of car accidents to hire legal representation if they are pursuing compensation from the at-fault drivers. However, statistically, those who do hire a lawyer to represent their interests tend to see settlements that are much better than those who proceed alone. Sometimes professionally represented clients can receive up to three times more than those without a lawyer representing them.

What if the Car Crash is Minor?

If no one was injured and only light damage was done to the vehicles or property, then it is probably not necessary to file a personal injury claim. Paying off the damages can be handled by the insurance companies.

However, it is important not to determine for yourself that you are uninjured. Please, seek medical attention. If doctors give you a clean bill of health, then you may feel more comfortable about not pursuing personal injury claims.

When is it Perhaps Not Necessary to Hire Legal Representation?

In some instances, insurance companies do exactly as they’re supposed to do, and handle the accident without difficulty. If you feel the number being offered by the insurance company is more than adequate, then it may not be worth it to push for more. Lawsuits can take time and cost money themselves, so it may be worth it to recognize when you’re winning and leave the table while you’re ahead.

If you have an excess amount of spare time or are extra knowledgeable in how the insurance process works, then you may be okay without legal help.

When is the Most Opportune Time to Contact a Lawyer?

While we may want to hope that insurance companies have our back, often, they do not. Additionally, even if your insurance is willing to do the right thing by you, if the other driver was uninsured, then you may be out of luck.

If you are hurt in any way, then you should hire a lawyer, but only after seeing medical help and also documenting as much evidence of the accident as possible.

Other reasons to hire a lawyer are if the other driver appeared to be under the influence during the accident or if they fled the scene without exchanging information. And if you believe that the settlement from insurance was insufficient, it is possible that your lawyer could help you secure more.